I'm a 15 year old developing an unhealthy addiction to the art of knitting. This is my knitting sideblog occasionally tracking my adventures in knitting (when I'm not too busy knitting).

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  • Me: *knitting happily away at a shawl*
  • Pattern: When you have reached the appropriate length, pick up 201 stitches along the cast-on edge.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: I came out tonight to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now.
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Time for a big update!

I finished the Mabel sweater from the Little Dipper episode of Gravity Falls. It’s just a turtleneck raglan. For the pocket I traced the pocket of one of my sister’s hoodies and I matched up the shaping to that. Then I made buttonholes near the top, and viola. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but the sleeves are a little short. I think I’m going to enter this into the evergreen state fair, so if you head down there this year, stop by the knitting entries! Next mabel sweater I will make will probably be the lightning bolt, but I’m not sure when I will do that.

With the leftover yarn, I started an Opus Spicatum hat, and I am determined to make this one longer than the last one I made so that it looks decent on someone’s head. I might also enter this one in the evergreen state fair because the yarn is nicer than the other hat I was going to enter.

In other knitting news, a friend and I made scarves for the two seniors on our lacrosse team with their last names and our team colors, lined with polar fleece. Those turned out well. I may get some pictures later, but that depends on if my friend has any. I finished my water cycle socks, which I probably will enter in the evergreen fair as well. I don’t have pictures yet because they’re in a laundry bag to be washed. I made a pair of snow globe boot toppers for a friend. The Dinner in the Eiffel Tower is waiting to be blocked. And I started a pair of Butterfly Garden socks.

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I had like 14 size 1 dpns or something and I lost all but 4 of them T-T

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oopps I haven’t posted in a while. I honestly haven’t gotten that much knitting done in the past few months due to school and sports, but now that summer break has started I’ve been knitting a heck of a lot. I finished a sweater! Pictures later when I have time to write a longer post

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Pros to dating me: I can make you cool things with my extensive knowledge of knitting and crocheting

Cons to dating me: I will love yarn more than I love you.

Problems with dating a crafter in general, hehe.

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The world between a dinosaur and toasted bread.

Knitted on sweater, took the whole seven Buffy series to knit.

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Rehabilitating penguins wearing sweaters

I might be wrong, but do these look like stuffed penguins to anyone else? Check out the wings especially.

It’s probably because it’s too hard to pose penguins like that, but putting sweaters on penguins is definitely a real thing

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this is a video of me knitting with one hand.

someone messaged me and said that they didn’t believe that i had one hand because i knew how to knit a scarf.

it’s not that fucking hard.

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WINTER IS HERE! Google doodle is animated knitting! (I’m very happy)

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This gives me mini heart attacks. Who thinks this is artistic!? (lol)

This is just masochistic.